gta san andreas full pc game download (649mb)


click on one the of the links below

download:;12241280;/fileinfo.html (zip file)

mirror: (setup)

mirror 2: Download (torrent)

if you still want more mods downloads go to

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100% save game download 

the file goes into the "My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files" directory

GTASAsf1.b GTASAsf1.b
Size : 0.193 Kb
Type : b

cleo mods

download the cleo file below and paste it in the gta san andreas folder

note:the file contains cleo mods

view the readme file on how to use the mods

CLEO.rar CLEO.rar
Size : 0.095 Kb
Type : rar


In this mod(1.0):
- Lot of new commercials around
Los Santos
- New background images!
- New mouse cursors!
- New menu images!
- New loading images!
- And more!

download below

Finland_Look_Mod_1.0_by_Late_Tuning.rar Finland_Look_Mod_1.0_by_Late_Tuning.rar
Size : 5.078 Kb
Type : rar

gta skyscraper mod

   no screenshot available



most san andreas buildings will be skyscrapers

download below

GTASKAV1.0.rar.rar GTASKAV1.0.rar.rar
Size : 0.176 Kb
Type : rar

gta 2 3d 


 This mod lets you play the downtown map of gta2 under the SA engine


gta san vice 

 San Vice is a Total Conversion Mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This Mod replaces the San Andreas Map completely with the Vice City Map. But thas not all.In San Vice you can find many new Features. For example you can make the "Hot Spotlight"-Mission from Vice City now in San Vice. Also there is a new Tanker on the Ocean next to the Airbase. Want to make party in the Clubs? Sure you can do it in San Vice. You can smoke Weed or drink alcohol in the Clubs. Also you can dance in one Club with Tenpenny and Pulaski.


more mods will be added!

email me if you have any problems: 

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